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Are you looking for a light industrial electrical specialist?

With over 20 years of experience, Watts & Volts Electrical Services are specialists in light industrial electrical services, offering small-scale solutions for business and industry clients. Our expertise spans everything from industrial businesses, to government buildings and schools, and we can keep your business functioning properly—whether you need repairs and upgrades to your existing services, compliance assessment, or machinery repairs.

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At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, we understand how important the safety of your customers and workers is—that’s why we’ve got the expertise and credibility to find, eliminate and control electrical hazards, and keep you operating according to the legislation and codes you’re bound by. We also know how important it is to keep your energy consumption and costs in line, and that’s why we’ve got innovative solutions to reduce your business’s impact on the environment—and your back pocket.

Industrial lighting and maintenance

Emergency and task lighting is critical in industrial buildings and workplaces: when you’re working in a hazardous environment with dangerous machinery, you need to be able to see what you’re doing—and see your critical exit routes in an emergency.

Light Industrial Services - CJ Trent
We can supply, install, certify and repair your:
  • Exit lights
  • Standby lights
  • Maintained, non-maintained, and sustained emergency lights

At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, we can install your mandatory emergency lighting to deliver the highest safety standards for your industrial building, and schedule regular testing and maintenance to keep you compliant with your building codes—and we’re always available for emergency repairs.

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  • Comprehensive industrial lighting design and installation
  • Energy-efficient ambient and task lighting, to reduce electricity consumption
  • Essential task lighting for dangerous areas
  • Globe supply and replacement

We’re also experts in task and ambient lighting for industrial workplaces. We’ll work with your builders and engineers to design and install innovative lighting options to support the function and efficiency of your business, including:

If your business is changing or growing, your lighting should be upgraded to maintain the safety of your workers, visitors, and customers. At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, we understand industrial environments, and we have the right solutions for your safety and compliance. Contact us anytime to see how we can help you improve your critical visibility, task lighting and energy efficiency.


Service upgrades

As your business grows, your service needs change. If you’ve recently modified or upgraded your industrial building or equipment, you may have outgrown your switchboard, and you could be placing too much demand on a unit that can’t keep up with you. Contact Watts & Volts Electrical Services immediately for an upgrade if you’ve been experiencing short circuits, flickering lights, or power outages, or if your switchboard is emitting unusual noises or smells, because you could be at risk of electric shocks and fires.

You also may be unaware of important legislative changes that have come into play since your industrial building and switchboards were built—you could be responsible for a lot of compulsory electrical safety measures you might not even know about, like surge protection, safety switches, and emergency lighting. Besides keeping your workers and customers safe, it’s important that you meet the safety requirements you’re bound by, to maintain your compliance and certification as a credible and responsible business.

Contact Watts & Volts Electrical Services for inspection, repairs or advice on your industrial electrical services, and we’ll be able to help you with:

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  • Switchboard repairs
  • Scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Switchboard design and planning for future expansion or service changes
  • Switchboard and mains upgrades and installation
  • Compliance and safety certification

At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, we’re fully licensed to deliver the correct assessments, services and certification to keep your industrial building and business in line with industry and government safety standards. We’ll be happy to provide you a copy of your compliance certification once we’ve repaired or upgraded your switchboard and mains, to guarantee that we’re fully accountable for the quality and safety of our work.

Cable trays

If your business is in an industrial building, chances are you need a professional and capable electrician who understands the requirements of installing and maintaining cable trays. Because they’re used in locations that are classified as hazardous, cable trays can provide a good degree of safety and protection for your industrial building’s wiring distribution system—but failure to correctly design and install them can lead to a number of serious hazards, including fire and electric shock.

At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, we can navigate the legal and industry safety requirements of wiring, fireproofing, and maintaining your industrial cable trays to keep you and your workers safe. Our services include:

  • Loading and supporting
    cable trays:

    According to manufacturer and industry guidelines, to maintain support requirements, prevent overloading, and correctly space conductors

  • Secure cables within
    the cable trays:

    To maintain the correct spacing and location of cables within the cable trays, adhering to extra conditions like ambient temperature, moisture, chemical and UV protection, and fire resistance

  • Determining correct cable
    types and voltages:

    Ensuring that suitable wiring types are used for the cable tray and the environment it’s located in

  • Grounding
    and bonding:

    Before the cables are installed, and testing before they’re energised, to reduce the risk of arcing and electric shock

Cable trays can end up overloaded if the initial design and installation wasn’t appropriate for the location, or if new cables are added on top of old or unused conductors and circuits that are still in place. At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, we can remove cables from overloaded trays, and help you to design new trays that will both accommodate the current needs of the building, and leave room for future needs and changes. And because we’re experienced professionals, we won’t cause damage to existing insulation on cables and conductors while we’re working.


Machinery repairs

When you’re running a business, one of the worst things that can happen is having your machinery break down. We understand that you can’t operate properly without your equipment, and that’s why we deliver fast and efficient emergency repair services when you need them most. At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, we can conduct fault finding, repairs, and routine maintenance on a range of machines, including:

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Food service equipment

  • Including commercial dishwashers, ovens, grills and cooktops, coffee machines, bain maries and hot boxes

Factory and production equipment

  • Including conveying systems, packing equipment, and production machinery

Industrial cleaning equipment

  • Including vacuums, extractors, pressure cleaners, and pumps

General electrical machinery

  • Including furnaces and boilers, hot water systems, air conditioners, switchboards, and generators

We also do testing and tagging, RCD testing, and scheduled preventative maintenance for all your equipment and machinery, to ensure that they’re safe for all your workers, and fully compliant with the legislation and industry codes governing your industrial workplace.

At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, we take safety seriously. We’re fully licensed and highly skilled electrical service providers, and we take pride in being able to ensure that your workplace is fully functional, compliant with regulations, and safe for everyone in it. Call us anytime for emergency or routine industrial electrical repairs and maintenance, and we’ll help you keep your business operating as safely and efficiently as it should.