Electrical safety tips everyone should know


Is your home safe?

Below is a home electrical safety checklist:

  • You have had your safety switches installed and you test them every three months.
  • You have working smoke alarms which you test monthly and replace the batteries yearly.
  • You always use a licensed electrician for electrical work.
  • You never use a power tool, appliance or lead that you know is faulty or has a frayed cord.
  • There are no electrical appliances used in wet areas or near pools.
  • There are no damaged powerpoints or switches in your home.
  • You always turn the power off before you go into the ceiling space.
  • You always switch off a power outlet before you plug in or unplug any power tool or appliance.
  • Ceiling insulation does not cover your downlights.
  • You are aware of overhead powerlines and service lines – especially when using ladders.
  • When not in use, accessible powerpoints have plastic plugs in them to protect young children.
  • You teach your kids about being safe with electricity.
  • Your outside party lights are suitable for outdoor use.
  • You arrange a check of your solar power system every year.
  • An electrician has checked the safety of private power poles on your property in the last five years.
  • The manufacturer’s instructions for use of electrical equipment are at hand.
  • Your home’s earth stake is in good condition

Smoke Alarms: