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Are you renovating your property?

Watts & Volts Electrical Services can help you achieve striking aesthetics, superior functionality and usability, and complete safety and security in your domestic renovation.
As Brisbane’s specialist renovations electricians, we know that there’s a lot more to achieving a quality renovation than adding a few power points. Getting your electrical requirements right in the planning stages of your work can eliminate the possibility of costly errors and redos, and can achieve the ambience that is the driving force for your renovation. Watts & Volts Electrical Services’ careful planning and design, vast technical knowledge, and impeccable installations can help you to streamline your renovation process: we can help you maximise the value and livability of your property, and to realise the character and style that you’re envisioning for your newly renovated home.
Renovations Electricial Work in Brisbane - CJ Trent

Light up your new home

Lighting Solutions - CJ Trent Electrical Services   Whether you have a vision of the ambience, style and personality you want for your property, or are overwhelmed by a range of choices and a lack of technical knowledge, Watts & Volts Electrical Services can provide you with guidance and innovative solutions for lighting functionality and design. We can give you clear advice on:
  • LED, halogen and CFL lights: where to use them for visual effects and energy efficiency
  • Ambient lighting: general lighting for the rooms in your home, with options for ceiling or wall mounting, and other features including dimmer lights
  • Task lighting: to help light working areas such as bathrooms, offices, and kitchens, with options including track lighting, cabinet lighting, and pendant lighting 
  • Accent lighting: to support the sophistication and style of your interior design by using lighting to draw attention to artwork and other decorative features, with options including recessed lighting and wall-mounted picture lights

Outdoor lighting can also be a valuable addition to your renovation, providing security without sacrificing visual appeal. Watts & Volts Electrical Services can advise you on:

  • Floodlights: to discourage intruders, and illuminate large areas like tennis courts
  • Motion sensor lights: for a cost- and energy-efficient security solution
  • Exterior wall lights: stylish and weatherproof lighting that gives an ambient appeal to your home in the night
  • Garden and landscape lighting: for gardens, paths, steps, pools, and decks
Call us now so we can recommend the most appropriate lighting type for each application in your home, drawing on our industry knowledge of cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, design, safety, and functionality.


Wire up your new home

Watts & Volts Electrical Services are Brisbane’s renovations electricians, and we can help you improve the functionality and livability of your home. We can provide the electrical solutions you need to maximise the practicality and comfort of your property, for your family to enjoy, or to add value and attract potential buyers.
We can offer advice on many home improvements, including planning, positioning, and installing your:
  • Phone, power and data points: the right number, and in the right position
  • Bathroom exhaust fans and heaters: for added comfort and functionality
  • Electrical appliances: including ovens, stovetops, and hot water systems
  • Home automation: to support state-of-the-art home improvement technology
  • Ceiling fans: both for decorative purposes, and to provide gentle air circulation and cost effective cooling
Whether you are planning a small renovation, or an overhaul of your entire home, Watts & Volts Electrical Services are your dependable renovations electricians in Brisbane. Call us now, and we can provide you with innovative planning and installation solutions to your electrical needs.


Secure your new home

Using the right electrical solutions can protect your new home from intrusion and theft, and from physical danger to your family, tenants or potential buyers who will occupy it. Watts & Volts Electrical Services understand the safety of the people living in your home is the single most important factor in deciding which electrical services you need in your renovation, which is why we provide comprehensive information and installation services for:
  • Safety switches and circuit breakers
  • Surge protectors
  • Smoke alarms
  • Waterproof switches and weatherproof power points
  • Circuitry for pools and spas
Don’t look for just any Brisbane electrician, when you can have a specialist renovations electrician. Watts & Volts Electrical Services can help you throughout your renovation with consulting, planning, designing, installation, and certification of your electrical needs for your renovation.
We can take on jobs of any size, from extensive renovations, to installing a couple of data points, so call us now to find out more about how we can help you.