Are you looking for electrical services & repairs?

With over 20 years of experience, Watts & Volts Electrical Services are specialist providers of all electrical services and repairs.  From simple domestic repairs and home emergency work, to large-scale commercial upgrades and compliance testing, we’ve got all of your electrical needs covered. 

We’ve got the best skilled electricians and the latest technology to conduct fast and accurate fault finding and repairs for when your services are failing you—and to design, install and upgrade your services when your home or business needs have changed.

Service & Repairs Electrician in Brisbane - CJ Trent

And because we understand how important it is to keep your family and your business safe from electrical hazards, our fully qualified technicians are also always available for emergency repairs. Contact us for any urgent electrical issues, and we’ll be there with the right solutions to protect you from danger—and to get your electrical services back on track and operating normally.

Appliance repairs

Faults in your electrical appliances are an obvious inconvenience: all of a sudden, you can’t cook dinner or take a shower—and if the fault is in your place of business, all work grinds to a halt, and you’re responsible for the potential risk to all your employees, contractors and visitors. Any appliance that is malfunctioning with an electrical fault has the potential to deliver electric shocks or cause fires, and should be attended to immediately, whether it’s used domestically or commercially. 

  • Domestic appliances: including ovens, stoves, cooktops, rangehoods.
  • Heating and cooling appliances: including hot water systems, ceiling fans.
  • Commercial appliances: including dishwashers, ovens, coffee machines, bainmaries and hot boxes.

At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, we’re experienced providers of electrical services and repairs for domestic and commercial electrical appliances. We can assess, repair, or replace your:

And for all electrical faults that are urgent or dangerous in nature, our team is always on standby for emergency repairs. If you’re unsure whether your electrical fault is an emergency or not, please contact us, and our friendly staff will give you informed advice, and provide an immediate or scheduled service to get your appliances back in working order.

Appliance repairs in Brisbane - CJ Trent

Fault finding and emergency repairs

If you’ve lost power, you’re dealing with more than a simple inconvenience—depending on what’s caused the fault, you could be in serious danger. And if your power supply or lighting is unreliable, or you’ve noticed sparking, smoke or chemical smells coming from your switchboard or outlets, call us immediately for fast, safe and comprehensive fault finding services and emergency repairs.

At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, our highly skilled professionals are experts in emergency electrical repairs, and we’re available for urgent services. We’ll address all your electrical emergencies with prompt responses to your requests and the safest solutions available. We’ll keep your home or business operating smoothly and safely, by attending professionally to all electrical faults, including:

  • Faulty powerpoints and data points.
  • Open circuit, short circuit, and earth faults.
  • Faulty appliances
  • Faulty circuit breakers and fuse boxes
  • Switchboard and mains faults

All electrical faults are potentially hazardous, and should be treated seriously—so don’t wait! Contact Watts & Volts Electrical Services immediately for our cutting edge technology and broad experience, and we’ll deliver the highest diagnostic accuracy and safest repairs available.

Electrical safety services

At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, electrical safety is our passion and our expertise. That’s why we’ve got a comprehensive suite of solutions for preventative electrical services, and we can help you to safeguard all the people in your home or business with the latest technology and the best professional maintenance.

We can assess, repair, design, install or replace your:

Electrical Safety Services - CJ Trent
  • Fuses and circuit breakers: Which are designed to protect your building by cutting off power when the currents in the electrical wiring are excessive and have the potential to cause electric shock or fire.
  • Safety switches: (or RCDs) which are specifically designed to prevent electric shock when used with fuses and circuit breakers—and are now mandatory under law in all new buildings
  • Surge protectors: including testing and installing surge protection at the switchboard,to protect valuable electrical appliances and equipment against surges from external forces like lightning
  • Smoke detectors: Including recommendations and designs for optimalpositioning for your building,and scheduled replacement and testingfor both photoelectric or ionisation alarms
  • Switchboards: Including redesigning switchboards and mains power supplies when they are unsafe or no longer suitable for the building’s electrical supply needs—while leaving room for future expansion

If your home or building has aged, or your electricity supply needs have changed, your electrical systems could be overloaded and dangerous. If they haven’t been recently inspected for safety, contact Watts & Volts Electrical Services for a professional assessment and we’ll ensure that your protective services are in perfect working order.

Scheduled preventative maintenance

At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, we know that regular inspections and maintenance are extremely important in ensuring that your electrical systems are operating efficiently and safely. And if you’re running a business from a commercial or industrial building, you’re also bound by the law to have your electrical systems regularly tested to meet legislative and industry safety standards. 

That’s why we offer scheduled preventative electrical maintenance to help you prevent electrical hazards and failures, and to ensure that your services are appropriate for your needs, energy efficient, safe, and fully operational at all times. 

We’ve got a comprehensive suite of preventative maintenance services for all domestic and commercial electrical needs, including:

  • Testing and tagging
  • Energy efficiency auditing
  • Safety inspections and certification
  • Scheduled maintenance and upgrades

And because we’re serious about electrical safety, we conform strictly to legislative and industry standards and best practice—and we provide certification with all our audits, to guarantee the quality of our work as well as your compliance with the law.

At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, we’re specialist providers of all electrical services and repairs, whether it’s domestic, commercial or industrial. If your electrical systems aren’t meeting your supply needs, or you think they might be dangerous, don’t hesitate! Contact us now for advice or an inspection, and we’ll be happy to deliver the best services available to ensure your safety.