Domestic Electrical Services Brisbane


Are you looking for a domestic electrical specialist?

Watts & Volts Electrical Services are Brisbane’s domestic electrical specialists, with 20 years of experience in domestic fit-outs,  we have a reputation for quality workmanship in maintenance and repairs, safety inspections, and innovative electrical solutions for homes. We can provide you with a full suite of residential and domestic electrical services, whether you’re a Brisbane or Ipswich homeowner, or a residential property manager.
We understand how important it is to keep the people in your home safe. We also understand how important electrical systems are to the look and feel—and the value—of your home. This is why Watts & Volts Electrical Services offer comprehensive design, complete safety compliance, and financially and environmentally sustainable electrical solutions, for both inside and outside the home. Our fully qualified and licensed electricians are readily  available, so whatever you need—from emergency repairs, to complete building and renovation electrical planning—we’re there for you.

New builds

Comprehensive and careful planning is essential for achieving functional and efficient electrical solutions in your new build. We are specialists in providing innovative and sound advice throughout the consulting, planning, designing, installation and certification stages of your build, to help you achieve usability, sustainability, and legislative compliance—without the fuss. We will work with you, and your other trades, to ensure that your electrical work is impeccably planned and designed, and seamlessly integrated at the correct stages of your build. Contact us any time, to take your new home’s aesthetic to a designer level.
New Builds Brisbane - C.J Trent


Watts & Volts’s technical expertise and comprehensive design services will help you achieve the aesthetics and functionality you want for your home renovation. We will comprehensively design, plan, install and certify all the new electrical services you need to complete your home makeover, and deal safely and professionally with your home’s existing wiring. From sophisticated lighting solutions, to innovative security and data electrical technology, we will help you achieve the ambiance, usability and legislative compliance you need to create your dream property.
Renovations Electrician Brisbane - C.J Trent

Maintenance and repairs

Besides inconveniencing your daily living, electrical faults can also cause serious injuries to people, and extensive damage to your home and appliances. Watts & Volts Electrical Services are available for  electrical repairs, fault-finding, and power restoration. We can service and repair:
  • Power and data points
  • Light fittings
  • Safety switches
  • Appliances, including stoves and hot water systems
  • Switchboards and wiring
We also offer scheduled preventative electrical maintenance, based on professional assessment of the age and complexity of your home’s existing electrical systems, to help you avoid hazards and failures in the future.

Additions and alterations

Whether you need an extra phone or data point, or an extensive lighting overhaul, Watts & Volts can help. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your home’s existing circuits, and upgrade and install new wiring for a range of electrical needs, including:
  • Power and data points
  • Light fittings and wiring
  • Exhaust fans and bathroom 3 in 1 heat lamp fittings
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Landscape and pool lighting
  • NBN installations
Your safety is our priority. Our fully trained staff will perform the relevant testing and electrical safety certification, so you can rest assured that the quality of our work complies with legislation and industry standards, and that the occupants of your home are safe.

Testing and compliance

Watts & Volts Electrical Services’ staff are fully qualified and licensed to conduct safety inspections, and perform testing and certification of your home’s electrical systems. Whether you need to achieve compliance with electrical building codes for new renovations, or you just want to ensure the safety of your family, tenants, or prospective buyers, Watts & Volts Electrical Services can protect you against electrical hazards and costly litigation. We will provide you with comprehensive information, professional assessment, and installation of:
  • Circuit breakers
  • Safety switches and surge protectors
  • Switchboard upgrades and repairs

Energy efficient lighting solutions

It’s more important than ever for homeowners to conserve resources when running their households, and lighting consumes a large portion of the energy needed to run them. But there a number of new solutions that can help to minimise the financial and environmental impact of lighting, and at Watts & Volts Electrical Services, we have the innovation to maintain the ambience of your home while improving its energy- and cost-efficiency. We can provide you with a range of sustainable lighting options, including:
  • LEDs (light emitting diodes), which are our preferred & recommended range of lighting
  • CFLs (compact fluorescent lights), which now come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colour temperatures
Watts & Volts have the industry knowledge and technical expertise to help you both cut down on power consumption and improve the look and feel of your home with unique lighting solutions, so call us any time for more information on designing your dream home.

Garden and pool lighting

Adding the right lighting to your garden and pool areas is a great way to add value, safety, and ambience to your Queensland home. The functionality of your outdoor areas will improve, as their use will no longer be restricted to the daylight hours, and you will be able to comfortably entertain your guests well into the night. Watts & Volts can advise you on a range of energy efficient options for lighting up your landscape, pool decks, exterior walls and large spans of lawn, which are available in a broad array of styles and colour temperatures.
Garden and pool lighting solutions Brisbane - C.J Trent

Mains and switchboard upgrades

Out-dated switchboards can be incredibly dangerous. They will cause nuisances including flickering lights and short-circuits, but they also carry a high risk of electric shock and fire outbreak. This can be due simply to the age of the switchboard, or to the fact that the switchboards in place in older homes weren’t designed to manage all the electrical appliances that are now used daily. You are also likely to need a mains power upgrade when renovating, or installing large systems like ducted air-conditioning. 
At Watts & Volts Electrical Services, our fully licensed electricians will source a new switchboard for your home from the latest available technology, install circuit breakers and safety switches, and certify the upgrade according to electrical safety legislation. 
Mains and switchboard upgrades Brisbane - C.J Trent

Tariff changes

The government doesn’t make it easy for you to save money on your electricity bill, but we can. If you have appliances—like pool filters—consuming large volumes of energy in your household, Watts & Volts can help you switch them over to a cheaper, off-peak tariff. Often, you will make back the cost of our work in just a couple of electricity bills, and it adds up to a substantial amount of money over the long term.
We care about the environment, we care about your safety, and we care about your back pocket. Call Watts & Volts Electrical Services any time to discuss our range of unique industry solutions for domestic electrical needs—no matter the size of the job—and we will give you the very best service available in Queensland.